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JULY 25-28, 2024

Jain Youth Camp is an unforgettable experience, that engages youth in critical conversations about Jain philosophy and how to apply it to daily life. In a supportive environment, campers are introduced to yoga, meditation and mantras to help build skills of self-reflection. Further, campers gain leadership skills, enjoy games, get out in nature, & build life-long friendships in our community. Jain Youth Camp collaborates with organizations from the Jain faith and is subsidized by community donations.   

Typically Camp Schedule 7:30 am Wake Up & Getting Ready for the day. 8:00 Breakfast - Campers start the day with a nutritious and tasty breakfast! ​ 9:00 Self-Study - Campers have an opportunity for self-study. Campers are provided with a variety of educational resources, discover something they find interesting, and share it with others. ​ 9:30 Interactive Learning Session - Campers engage in interesting and inspiring workshops on applying Jain philosophy to daily life. ​ 10:30 Interactive Learning Session - Campers engage in interesting and inspiring workshops on applying Jain philosophy to daily life. 11:30 Yoga & Mantras - Either outside under the trees or the recreation hall, campers learn simple yoga postures and mantras which are useful for their daily life. ​ 12:30 Lunch - Another hearty meal for everyone to enjoy. ​ 1:30 Outdoor Ed - Campers get into nature either on a beautiful forest hike, or challenge themselves on a low ropes activity, or play in a big group game in the field ​ 3:30 Swimming - Campers cool off in the beautiful Olympic-size swimming pool, supervised by counsellors and a lifeguard. Group activities, reading time or crafts are arranged for those who choose not to swim. 5:00 Dinner - After an active afternoon, campers feast on a delicious meal of healthy goodness! ​ 6:00 Evening Program - Campers enjoy an evening activity either creating exciting arts & crafts projects, solving a puzzle in teams, or having a group discussion on a topic of their interest. ​ 7:45 Sunset Meditation - Campers relax and breathe while listening to the sounds of forest. ​ 8:30 Snack Time and Campfire/Stargazing/Night Hike/Games night - Campers enjoy a healthy snack and enjoy some night time fun singing at the campfire or going for a night exploration of the forest trails. Spontaneous talent shows are not uncommon! ​ 9:30 Dorm Time - Campers return to their dorms with their counsellor. Counsellors check-in with campers, find out how their day was, play dorm games and call it a night.

Camp Program & Schedule 

At Jain Camp, campers learn how to apply Jain philosophy to their daily life. 

Complex Jain concepts like Ahimsa (non-violence), Aparigraha (non-possessiveness), or Anekantewad (multisidedness) are simplified and made relevant to youth growing up in North America.

The Jain Camp curriculum is jointly created by educators and an Ontario Certified teacher.  Classes are interactive and engaging and teachers encourage campers to question and think critically.

Camp Menu

This is not your typical camp food!


Campers indulge in delicious and nutritious plant-based meals. No animal products are found in the foods or snacks we serve.  We are a nut-free facility. 

Typically Camp Menu Breakfast Vegan Pancakes Tofu Scramble Oatmeal Assorted Cold Cereals Fruit Bowl - Apple & Bananas Soy Milk, Juice ​ Lunch Blackbean Burritos Seasoned Rice Corn on Cob Salad Bar Soy Milk, Juice ​ Fruit Snack ​Fresh Fruit Bowl (Available all day) ​ Dinner​​ Channa (Chickpeas) Mixed Vegetable Roti & Rice Salad Soy Milk, Juice Evening Snack​​ Pita & Hummus Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Soy Milk

Health & Safety

We maintain a minimum of 1 : 10 counsellor to camper ratio, allowing us to remain attentive to the individual needs of each camper. YMCA Cedar Glen instructors and lifeguards are all First Aid and CPR-C certified.

A licensed medical doctor is on call (24/7) throughout camp to address any health concerns. The medical doctor will contact the parents/guardians if there are any significant health concerns with a camper. The Georgetown Hospital is the closest hospital and is 19 minutes away from the campsite.  

Counsellors will sleep in each wing of the lodge and are available to help campers should the need arise at any time.

Youth Camp
  • Where is Jain Camp held?
    Jain Camp is being held at YMCA Cedar Glen, located at 13300 11th Concession Road, Schomberg, Ontario L0G 1N0. The facility offers great adventures for campers, and outdoor activities like high ropes, low ropes. archery, swimming, and 200 acres of hiking trails. Best of all, the site is centrally located for so many of our campers, only 40 minutes north of Toronto!
  • Why is the cost of camp so low?
    Jain Camp is less expensive than the majority of overnight summer camps on the market. We are able to keep low camper fees because all TA administrators and instructors are dedicated volunteers. The organization is also not-for-profit. We pass these savings on to campers, thus making summer camp accessible to more youth while maintaining a high standard of quality. Camp subsidies may be available for those that require it. Please contact us for more details.
  • What is the cancellation policy for camp?
    Cancelling registration more than 60 days before the start of camp, a $50 cancellation fee will be applied & the balance will be reimbursed to you. The camp fee is entirely non-refundable if canceled less than 60 days before the start of camp.
  • What are the accommodations like at Jain Camp?
    Awesome! Campers will be sleeping in groups of 4, with a private bathroom and shower in each room. The bedrooms are located within a large lodge. Male and female campers will use separate wings of the lodge. Waterproof mattresses are provided. Campers must bring their own pillows and bedding.
  • What is the staff-to-camper ratio?
    The staff-to-camper ratio is, at minimum, 1 staff member to 10 campers.
  • My child has never been away from home, will my child be homesick?
    Occasionally, homesickness may be an issue for some campers especially as they are adjusting to the camp schedule and meeting new people. Our experienced and dedicated staff help campers adjust by creating an inclusive, friendly, family-like atmosphere at camp. We provide clear and open communication, play many introductory and trust-building games which encourage friendships among campers, and check-in with campers regularly throughout the day and over mealtimes. Each camper is also assigned to a specific counselor who is attentive to their individual needs. Further, camp staff meets daily to discuss any camper-related concern and works together to better the camper’s experience. This approach has minimized homesickness amongst our campers and at the end of camp, campers often are not ready to go home!
  • What do we do on rainy days?
    We play! Most of our outdoor activities continue even in the rain. However our programming can easily be adapted for the indoors if needed. We ask campers to be prepared for all types of weather.
  • Can parents/guardians tour the campsite?
    Parents/guardians are asked to help settle their child into camp and then leave to let the child participate in camp activities. However, parents/guardians are welcome to do a quick walk around the campsite after drop-off.
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